About Us

bga Turquoise is a company dedicated to the extraction and commercialization of 100% natural turquoise. This means that our turquoise are free of any synthetic treatment for both the jeweler and collector alike.


We extract the turquoise from our mines named ‘Blue Oasis’ and ‘Majestic’, located in the state of Nevada, United States. It is here that we obtain the raw stones to transform into the unique cabochons that bga Turquoise then offers to its clients. We prepare the cabochons with original shapes and designs ready to be mounted in jewelry and sculptures, or even to be used for other ornamental purposes.

Our Turquoise

Our turquoise are characterized by their coloration and boast a wide range of tones and various patterns.
As we work in our mines we discover new surprises, which we then integrate into our new catalogs to satisfy our customers.


Our main objective is to provide our customers with 100% natural turquoise, ‘from the ground directly to your hands’.
At bga Turquoise we pay attention to the shades, colors and the uniqueness of each piece of turquoise.
Punctuality in delivery times, effective communication and constant innovation in our work methods are all company hallmarks. These qualities are a guarantee of growing trust among consumers who consider us their preference.